• And their euthologies sang me to sleep


    All I heard was the sound of fish who'd drowned.
    All I saw was the inside of my eyelids.
    All I said fell short of reaching open ears.
    Word's floating, clouding the view...
    “See no, hear no, speak no evil” leave you deaf, dumb and blind, because the bad is all that you'll find.
    A deeply heart-felt goodbye to the part of me that dies when I decided to put others before me, yes, my heart fell asleep -- boredom and fatigue.
    I always said I wanted to die smiling, to pretend I'm at peave.
    Now from my corpse beams a frigid, blank grin and once hopeful eyes are sunken in.
    Like a lullaby to the cradle is the eulogy to the casket.
    All my flaws swept under the table to grieve the porcelain doll that was me.
    Their solemn songs sang me to sleep as my body escaped me.
    Welcome down to the new world!
    Happiness is being interred!
    Such a shameful masquerade!
    Fleeting, frozen minutes on display.
    Why is evolution such a shameful thing to say?
    Can you feel your bodily decay?
    Arms are beside me, hands open wide.
    Seems I was living my life in rewind, taking so many steps backwards, not looking behind.
    Because I can sure as hell feel my brain going blank.
    If my body betrays me, this pollution to thank.
    This condition infects my cells like it controls my mind.
    Internal army, defend me behind enemy lines!
    Fragile vehicle of mine!
    Don't abandon me yet!
    There is so much to live for that we so easily forget.
    Fascination with the fear...
    The concept escapes me.
    All encompassing fate... how it wrenches out hearts, torments our souls ans sings us all to sleep, to an eternal keep, no matter what beliefs, it sings us all...


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  • You're coming with me

    International dreaming reveals a deceit less obvious.
    It's the liars who are punished but the liars speak the truth.
    I will never know your intention but I'll make clear my own.
    You are guilty by association and I'm taking your sentence on.

    To forget is the greatest ardor, forgetting is the favorite cure.
    There aren't many days left to sleep.
    Suspicius bullets - silent guns.

    Here's where the men wear pride outside and women smile through dragonflies.
    You were supposed to wait for me, that's how I built this up to be.
    I'm the kill the retriever coudn't find, the round that got away.
    Just leave my corpse to feed the worms, I'll soon just dissipate.

    I'm going straight to hell and you're coming with me!
    Yesterday's air suffocates me.

    See, I have this gift to give to you. Take it carefully, it's yours.
    But if ever you should break it, please return it to the source.
    It's a shame you've not still hungry - sugared hands surrounds the still.
    Exhibitionist intentions through the window carved in skin.
    I'll shut up so you'll explain to me human sacrifice.
    Subtle tears, I loved you too, your desperate hillsides, your forest of depression and your houses built on lies.

    I'm going straight to hell and you're coming with me!
    Yesterdays air suffocates me - I'll take your oxygen.
    Equine corpses bored to death.
    Purge the fetus like arguments.
    Time's up, get on board, you're coming with me.

    It's hard to watch you crumble, watch the flames lick your complexion bare, removing the pretense that you cared.
    I see the woman facing away, I feel the distance in her gaze.
    One day she will turn around and push me back so my past is erased.
    Flying birds like kites, my eyes are so full of sun I don't know how I'll ever learn your language.
    Only an insect forgets the earth when drawn into the sun.

    I'm going straight to hell and you're coming with me!
    Yesterdays air suffocates me - I'll take your oxygen.
    Equine corpses bored to death.
    Purge the fetus like arguments, how did we go from that to this?
    Sure, I'm guilty. Still, you're coming with me!



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